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SOL 1 2017 - Mugdock - 05 Mar 2017

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Welcome to the first SOL of 2017

Update #1 24/02/17 - Final Details are now available on Clyde website

The registration and assembly is at Mugdock Country Park Visitor Centre, near Milngavie.  The starts are approximately 1.8 km / 1.5 km away.  Toilets will be available. 

Pre-entry guarantees a map.  Entry on the day (EOD) subject to map availability and subject to surcharge of £2 adult, £1 junior.  There is a £2 surcharge if you are not a member of BOF, SOA or other national (e.g. IOF) orienteering association to participate.

Course lengths & climb are as follows:

Black 8.3km, 300m

Brown 6.7km, 245m

Short Brown 5.6km, 245m

Blue 4.9km, 175m

Short Blue 3.8km, 165m

Green 3.6km, 130m

Short Green 2.8km, 115m

Light Green 2.9km, 120m

Orange 2.3km, 40m

Yellow 2.2km, 30m 

White 1.8km, 15m

A String Course will be available.

The start times are from 10.30 – 12.30.  Courses will close at 14.30.  

Dogs are allowed as long as they are kept under control. 

Two excellent cafes in Visitor Centre. The Stables takes cash only. Also Caulders Garden Centre café by lower car park.

PLANNER: Robin & Liz Orr   

ORGANISER: Rachel Wilson


Closing Date: 26 Feb 2017
Punch type: Sportident
Area name: Mugdock
Location: Mugdock Country Park, Craigallian Road, near Milngavie G62 8EL
Website: http://www.clydesideorienteers.org.uk/